Ade Oshineye

Who am I?
I'm Ade Oshineye. You may remember me from such films as ThoughtWorks: The Consultancy and XTC: The Pub Years. I also had a cameo appearance in: Who Is That Guy With The Camera?

What do I do?
I work on various projects to do with Mobile technology (both client-side and server-side) and Google's strategic partners. I take photos. I have fun.

What does software craftsmanship mean to me?
Doing justice to this question would take a book. I recommend this one:
Until Dave Hoover and I actually get the book published I'll leave you with a bunch of buzzwords/slogans: individual skill, situated learning, deliberate practice, growth mindset, the journey to mastery is much more interesting than the destination, what happens after unconscious competence, how do we escape from the trap of tacit knowledge, feedback and resistance, high bandwidth communication, micro-ISVs, tackling hard problems that have large amounts of business value, values/traits/skills, generative values, rejecting romantic misunderstandings of craft, Richard Sennet's book The Craftsman, finding ways to become better somehow.

Grab me at the conference if any of the above resonates with you.

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