Chris Smith

I'm a software developer with 2 1/2 years of experience, which means that the journeyman categorisation I've given myself is probably very "ish" indeed.
I had a career as an actuary for 10 years but found that I was more interested in the software I was writing to do actuarial calculations than I was in the calculations themselves, so I decided to change into software development at the tender age of 33.

I did Perl for 18 months and towards the end of this period I got to do some C# and enjoyed it very much. I've been working for the last year on a product using WPF and WCF in C# with .Net 3.5 and I've been exposed to agile development and TDD and been a part of building well tested, well factored software.

I have a mathematical background and have always had an instinct for whether software was well structured, i.e. the craftsmanship of software design and implementation. I'm really looking forward to absorbing new stuff and exchanging ideas at Software Craftsmanship 2009!

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