David Peterson

I've classed myself as a "journeyman" but I'm not exactly sure what that word means. It sounds American. Anyway, I arrived at "journeyman" by a process of elimination: I'm not a "novice" as I was writing software when Kajagoogoo were topping the charts. And, having worked with gurus like Nat Pryce, Steve Freeman and Ivan Moore, I know I'm not yet a "master".

I have a lot of interests (not just programming) which is possibly also a contributing factor - jack of all trades, master of none. Actually, that's not true. I am officially a Master of Business Administration (MBA). Although, at that, I'd say I'm more of a novice.

In terms of software craftsmanship, one of my areas of interest is automated acceptance testing. I developed a tool called Concordion which is designed to make acceptance testing more inclusive - the tests are written in plain English so even your boss can get involved.

I also write a blog occasionally which I've recently started spamming with home-drawn cartoons.

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