Diego Pino

Hello all!

My name is Diego, I am software engineer working for free software company Igalia, based in Northwest Spain. In my daily basis I work with Java technologies such as Tapestry, Spring and Hibernate among others. Prior that,I was engaged with CMS development on Typo3 (PHP), which I have contributed with a couple of extensions. In my free time I'm also engage with Web technologies and have contribute with small pieces of free software to several communities: plugins for Amarok, couple of Google Gadgets, etc.

My main reason for attending Sofware Craftmanship event is above all meeting new developers and share new approaches on how to tackle common daily problems and the best ways to solve them. I notice that due to tight deadlines developers usually have to face on their daily work, the room for finding the optimal way to do something is scarce or practically non-existent. Finally we end up going for the first thing that works but not the best, even if that means spending more time on doing a task and by hence being less productive in the long run.

I hope this set of conferences can help me to broad my mind to see things more in perspective and apply that knowledge to the way I develop software.

The Software Crafmatnship program seems exciting to me. I am eager to learn from the best and meet world-class developers. See you all there!


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