Ivan Moore

I am a software development heretic. My heresy started in the early 80's when I preferred Forth to assembly language. In the early 90's I preferred Smalltalk to C++. In 1996 my PhD in automated refactoring was heresy to the formal methods academics around me.

Heresies have continued with Jester, MockMaker and build-o-matic. My current heresies are using "new" instead of Spring, code instead of XML, and KISS instead of enterprise architectures. I work for Team Optimization as a project manager, coach, developer and tea boy, helping teams to "get agile".

For me, Software Craftsmanship means writing good code - that is, code which is simple to understand, doing what it's meant to do and not more, without redundancy or unnecessary complexity.
To quote Lance Walton's page "Being a craftsman means caring for your work." - I agree very much with that sentiment.

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