Johan Elmstrom

There we go

I'm officially in, really pleased about that, as I'm sure it will be a great day.

About me: I would like to see myself as an Agile minded developer, right now, looking towards Lean which to me offers a lot of potential. I enjoyed reading about the Japanese manufacturing industry at University, and I'd love to try it out practically. I mainly deal with java, though i have been known to write a bit of code using .NET, its predecessors, and quite a bit of database stuff as well.
Recently I've been doing a lot of high level design and technical analysis of various solutions and guiding junior developers. For those sins I have been called architect and even raised to a team with that name in a previous job, but I try to code as much as I can, thats where the fun stuff happens.

Software Craftsmanship, to me thats not taking (unnecessary) shortcuts. Why spend time building something if you're not going to do it properly (and with some style - of course).

What do i want from this day
General pointers to improve my craftsmanship
It will be interesting to see if any Lean/Agile concepts make it in there.
Architectural stuff. Analysis, design etc, maybe even as bold as in an Lean/Agile setting. Wouldn't that be something

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