Jon Barber

I've been working as a professional (in the sense of being paid) developer for over 15 years. My current job role is Technical Architect (whatever that means) working for a company that does funky stuff online.

What Does Software Craftsmanship Mean To Me?

Well, I really hate all the analogies that have sprung up recently between martial arts & development, mainly as I've been doing the first for over 10 years & the second for over 15, and they have less in common than people would have you think. But I do think the process of getting better in both have some things in common, and the people I respect most in both disciplines have pretty much the same view on becoming effective ; only do that which is useful.

I think in both disciplines after a certain point what you do comes down to an individual style or taste. Becoming a craftsman or senior is the process of refining this style with the help of feedback from others of all levels.

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