Julian Everett

I'm a consultant architect/developer at BBC Worldwide. I've been programming for 12 years, working for a mix of media and financial services organisations. Over that time I have spent periods specialising on database development and tuning, web UI/OO Javascript development and some windows UI work, but the majority was spent on middleware and server-side app programming. Code hero role-call in historic order would be Don Box, Steve McConnell, Joshua Bloch, Dan Steinman, Werner Vogels, Roy Fielding, Bill Dehora, Mark Pilgrim, David Anderson and Terry Jones.

What Does Software Craftsmanship Mean To Me?

To me, software craftmanship can ultimately be distilled down to two essential ingredients:

1. Care
Taking pride in the work we do, and accepting and welcoming our professional obligation to do the best work we are capable of. Part of that means caring enough to refuse to succumb to disillusion in the face of hostile working conditions, and being prepared to look for work elsewhere rather than slide into "jobbing coder" complacency. Which leads on to..

2. Courage
Having the guts to promote and defend our professional standards regardless of the consequences. (My reference check for this is: Remember the best dev team I ever worked with. Imagine them looking over the system I am currently working on. Would I be feeling proud or apologising? Keep shouting about the technical debt stories until there are no more apologies. Finally don't fear other people highlighting additional stuff I should have been apologising for had I known better.)


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