Keith Braithwaite

I blog here, my presentations are here.

I work for Zuhlke Engineering and lead a software development and consultancy group in London.

What does software craftsmanship mean to me?

I don't know yet. A bunch of people that I respect and have learned much from are involved with this conference, so here I am too. As to "craftsmanship" applied to software development—I fear that it will become a minority label for a fairly obnoxious combination of Romantic tosh and Macho bullshit. I expect that it will become niche synonym for "competence" when used of one's self ("I am a craftsman, you are a hacker, he is a cowboy"), I hope that…I hope that some small corner of some codebase somewhere that wouldn't otherwise gets a little bit less bad as a result of this conference.

To hope for anything more would seem hubristic.

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