Lance Wicks

Who Am I:

I am a geek and a Judo coach.
As a geek I have worked with Perl and PHP primarily, yep web stuff mainly. This year I spent 5 months solid developing a console application in Perl for a client. I learnt so much that I think I became more aware of the area that I am weak in. That being the fundamental principles of good "software craftmanship".

What "software craftsmanship" means to me:

To me it is about building software properly, using best practices and standing on the shoulders of giants. It is about understanding WHY something should be built a certain way rather than the HOW to do it in C or Perl or Cobol.

It is about developing the right habits and removing the bad ones. It is about developing like a skilled carpenter, knowing when to glue and when to nail. Knowing when to use a framework, when to do a one liner. How and when to leave draw a blueprint for a building and when to just knock up a birdhouse.

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