List Of Confirmed Delegates

If you are definitely planning to attend Software Craftsmanship 2009, please add your name to the bottom of this list, and then add a Wiki page about yourself and what software craftsmanship means to you.

If you find for any reason that you are unable to attend, please remove your name from the list to make room for other people who might want to attend.

You must have requested to register online through the conference web site before adding your name to this list, supplying a valid postal address. A conference pass will be sent in early February 2009 to the address you supplied when you requested to register.

Don't forget to add a Wiki page about yourself. Your place is not confirmed until you do!

Name Company Skill Level
Jason Gorman Journeyman
David Laing Apprentice
David Peterson Journeyman
Gojko Adzic Neuri Journeyman
Maciek Makowski Barclays Capital Journeyman
Antony Gorman Apprentice
Rob Bowley BBC Worldwide Apprentice
Brian Swan CodeDexterity Journeyman
Enrique Comba Riepenhausen NexWerk & Inspired Journeyman
Nuno Marques NexWerk & Inspired Journeyman
Andy Palmer Journeyman
Scott Davies Journeyman
Dave Cleal Journeyman
Adrian Sutcliffe Apprentice
Keith Braithwaite None of the Above
Phil Kirkham Apprentice
Neil Robbins Journeyman
Channing Walton No idea
Pippa Newbold JourneyWoman (ish)
Chris Smith Journeyman (ish)
Lance Walton No idea
John Daniels Master
Zubair Khan Journeyman
Jon Coppeard Journeyman
Richard Fennell Journeyman
Douglas Livingstone Bluewire Apprentice
Will Holley Bluewire Journeyman
Mat Roberts Biomni Journeyman
Thomas Gutteridge BBC FM&T Red Button Apprentice/Journeyman
Guillaume Bertrand Journeyman
Dale Thatcher Journeyman
Will James Journeyman
Phil Murphy Level 42
James Enock Journeyman
Peter Camfield Journeyman
Johan Elmstrom A little better than yesterday
Rob Dupuis Journeyman
Ivan Moore Mu
Bülent Küçük BBC Journeyman
Antony Marcano Journeyman
Chris King Bluewire Apprentice
Jason Sankey Zutubi Apprentice
Michael Wagg Not sure
Lance Wicks Conscious incompetence :-( Now unable to attend.
Tim Ross Journeyman
Andrew Conn Huh?
Arindrajit Biswas Journeyman
Paul Allton Agile Methods nearly Journeyman
Stuart Unsworth BBC Journeyman
Dermot Kilroy Freelance Apprentice
Julian Everett BBC Worldwide Journeyman
Kerry Jones BBC Journeyman
John Wood Medium rare
Lloyd Shove meh
Josh Chisholm Journeyman
Jon Barber Haven't the faintest
Sue Black Apprentice
Colin Gravill Journeyman
Ade Oshineye Enjoying the journey
Damon Morgan Journeyman
Paul Thorpe Journeyman
Hibri Marzook Apprentice
Christopher Clarke Journeyman
Paul Wilson Journeyman
Piotr Gabryanczyk HSBC Journeyman
Alexis Atkinson Rabobank Journeyman
Markus Gärtner Journeyman
David Calavera Journeyman
Liz Sedley Journeyman
Olof Bjarnason Journeyman
Phil Cowans Ltd. Journeyman
Arjan van Leeuwen Opera Software ASA Journeyman
Stuart Ervine Freelance Still on the journey
Nat Pryce Freelance Keep on truckin'
Ben Hogan unclassifiable
Willem van den Ende independent together with 'always on the run'
Peter Zsoldos Morgan Stanley Apprentice
Matt Wynne Journeyman
Niko Felger Apprentice
Jon Dickinson Accolade Consulting Journeyman
Adam Shimali watch this space Apprentice of Journeying
James Nugent Bath ASU Apprentice
Alan Cameron Wills Microsoft um
Lubos Pazdera Finsoft spinning
Diego Pino Apprentice
Simone Casciaroli Apprentice
Tim Clark Journeyman
Paul Harrington Apprentice
John Triantafyllopoulos Gdcm Apprentice
Marc Evers in(ter)dependent at QWAN Journeyman
Andrew Jones Betgenius Apprentice
Rob Westgeest Independent QWAN partner] Journeyman
Ewald Cress Apprentice
Mehmet S Kaymaklioglu Journeyman
Sabrina Leandro Apprentice
Philip Cristiano Apprentice
Daniel Lucraft Journeyman
Kerry Buckley BT Journeyman
Craig Webster BBC Journeyman
Matthew Phillips EMB Journeyman
Christopher Townson [] Journeyman
Eldon Ferran de Pol Freelance Journeyman
Vijay Mistry BBC Worldwide Journeyman
Johan Aludden Freelance Journeyman
Rob Brown Zuhlke Seeker
Mike Hill Exdriven Ltd Journeyman
Ivan Sanchez [] Journeyman
Immo Huneke Zuhlke Jester
Steve Freeman M3P Limited Not for me to say

Did you remember to add a page about yourself, telling us what "software craftsmanship" means to you? Your place isn't confirmed until you've introduced yourself to the other delegates :-)

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