Mehmet S Kaymaklioglu

I have been working as a software developer for nine years, and for the last three years I’m working as a contractor, travelling from company to company.

Email: moc.oohay|ilkamyaksm#moc.oohay|ilkamyaksm

What Does Software Craftsmanship Mean To Me?

I enjoy building software, and enjoy more when the software that I build becomes robust, bug free and maintainable. To achieve that I believe the code must look beautiful.
For me the story of Gauss perfectly describes the Craftsmanship:
After Gauss (number one mathematician in history) died they found lots of unreleased important theories. He didn't release them simply because they weren’t easy to understand and they weren’t elegant enough. He was a perfectionist. If you check Gauss' theories even you don't now enough mathematics you can admire how nice they look.

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