My Favourite Keyboard Shortcuts: the Outputs

Keyboard Shortcuts

Who Environment or Application The Trick Benefit Spot Votes
Immo Eclipse ALT-SHIFT-X + T (run unit test); ALT-SHIFT-E + T (run unit test with coverage) Find out where the gaps are in coverage - you may have to devise more tests or eliminate dead code (though sometimes the code not covered is just catch blocks or generated code) @
Jason Eclipse ALT-SHIFT-L - extract local variable; ALT-SHIFT-M - extract method; ALT-SHIFT-I - inline method parameter The three-step refactoring tango ensures that the IDE doesn't get confused when extracting a method that takes another method call as its argument. Works in other IDEs too (different keystrokes though) @@@
Ade Eclipse ALT-SHIFT-R Quick rename in place of whatever identifier the cursor is on @@
Brian Eclipse ALT-SHIFT-R twice Open rename dialog for whatever identifier is under the cursor @
Ade Eclipse ALT-SHIFT-uparrow - grow current selection; ALT-SHIFT-downarrow - shrink current selection Quick selection @@@
Immo Eclipse ALT-uparrow/downarrow - move current selection/line Leaves clipboard undisturbed
Immo Eclipse ALT-CTRL-uparrow/downarrow - clone current selection/line Leaves clipboard undisturbed @
Brian IntelliJ IDEA CTRL-W - grow current selection (word, line, block…); CTRL-SHIFT-W - shrink current selection (same steps in reverse) Quick selection
Ade IntelliJ IDEA CTRL-SHIFT-V - paste from clipboard history Buffers up a series of clips @
Brian IntelliJ IDEA CMD-SHIFT-P - parameter refactoring Lets you quickly introduce a new overloaded method (e.g. constructor) with an extra parameter, which the original method delegates to @@
Ade screen - a Unix terminal emulation server -x - share existing session Reconnect to running terminal application or share a session for remote sharing @
Ade Unix / Linux shell CTRL-R - search command history backwards; CTRL-S - search command history forwards Saves re-typing when target has been overshot @
Immo Unix/DOS/MacOS rsync -e ssh Hauzv immo@<othercomputer>:/Users/immo/Documents/* . Merge/synchronises documents between two machines
Ade Google mail and reader Questionmark - display an overlay with all available keyboard shortcuts Aide-memoire - unfortunately, you can't print it [STOP PRESS: Markus Gärtner has discovered that it is now possible to open the overlay in a new frame/window, from which you can print it]

Some Other Suggestions

Who Environment or Application The Trick Benefit Spot Votes
Ade / Jason Any IDE and build environment Use Simian plug-in Spot and factor out any resemblances between different bits of code @@
Jason Any IDE Disable copy/paste (and templates) - not really feasible, but at least impose a large penalty for use Prevent any resemblances between different bits of code @
Jason Any IDE Have mouse-free days. Print out keyboard shortcut reference-cards and make people learn them Learning keyboard shortcuts by heart makes people more effective

Keyboard shortcuts we would like (or want removed)

  • A pop-up graphic-symbol selector (like INSERT SYMBOL in Word)
  • A pop-up keyboard layout selector - switch between different language keyboards quickly
  • Standardise gesture-shapes across operating systems and tools

By the way, by attracting the largest number of votes for his suggestions, Ade Oshineye won the brand-new Apple! He ate it straight away.

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