Neil Gibbons

I'm a Technical Solutions Architect for Amaze(Europe), working in the North-West of England. Amaze (Europe) are a digital agency, specialising in digital marketing, business solutions, advertising and PR.

I'm technically responsible for a key customer's European website and supporting their 30+ market specific websites across 33 countries and 29 languages.

Primarily using ASP.NET 2.0, C# and SDL Tridion, I've experience across numerous Web "languages" & technologies, including JavaScript, XHTML, CSS, VBScript, XML, XSLT, Umbraco, MCMS, Grouptree.

What Does Software Craftsmanship Mean To Me?

I believe in taking great pride in what we do and in continuously improving and honing our skills.
I've experienced what happens when "quick-wins" lead to long-term problems and I'd like to make sure I'm equipped to avoid making the same mistakes as well as encourage a sense of craftsmanship in team-mates & colleagues.

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