Piotr Gabryanczyk

I am agile coding monkey, currently helping another team to get to grips with agile practices.

I have converted not so long ago - around year 2005 when I realised that all this "weird" practices like pair programming, TDD, stand-ups, etc. can be done in practice and there are people around doing them "for real".
Thanks to people like David Peterson and Chris Tartellin I was able to learn how it looks in practice and now I am passing my experience to others.

I value
Simplicity, honesty…

I hate

My technical side…
My main skills are around Java, but I had this great opportunity to use other languages like oCaml, EML, SmallTalk, CSP, Ada as well as C/C++ early in my career, followed recently by ruby, python, groovy.

What software craftsmanship means for me?
Good software craftsmanship is probably something I am expecting from myself and people I work with. It is something which our industry is lacking. Maybe because our trade is not formalised enough yet, so everybody who knows some programming language can call himself "a programmer"? Or maybe its a matter of an attitude, mindset or simply a passion - this drive, which makes you want to learn something new with every line of code you write, to become better in what you do…

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