Rob Bowley

I'm a software developer at BBC Worldwide. I care deeply about software development, both the technology and the processes. I've been programming for around 6 - 7 years having worked for among others, Lycos Europe and the Lawn Tennis Association.

What Does Software Craftsmanship Mean To Me?

A craftsman is someone who really cares about their trade and will therefore not compromise on quality and professional standards. It's part of their identity like their children and family and is something they are proud to define themselves by.

As for software craftsmanship, I don't know. The standards and technology move so fast it's difficult to pin down what software craftsmanship entails. Is it enough to say it's about the quality of the code as Bob Martin's book 'Clean Code' would suggest? What about being able to work with people and understand requirements?

I will say there's certainly not enough emphasis on the real skills it takes to write good software (i.e. not whether you know how to write C# Linq to XML, but how to say, refactor to patterns and write coherent unit tests) and I hope this conference will go some way to resolving that.


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