Stuart Ervine

Hello everybody… I've been developing software since I was allowed to 'play' on a computer when I was 6 or 7. People started paying me for it about 10 years ago, at which point I figured I'd better do it properly.

So to me craftsmanship is all about delivering something that is top quality in the most timely manner by leveraging the skills you have (cynics keep quiet - and no debate on quality please, I don't mean like Quality Street - I mean sturdy, well built, good materials, fine lines, elegant etc…). It's why I employed my trusted plumber to fit my bathroom - because although I can do it, it would not be very good. A thing I find interesting thing about a trade craftsmanship is the way it is learned. To start out you are mentored and given simple tasks to do, while watching a master do all the hard stuff. Slowly but surely you pick up his/her technique and try it out on insignificant things (such as left over material). Eventually you may start experimenting with your own ideas, maybe thinking they would work better than the techniques you learned from the master.

I'm also wondering why no one who is on this list thinks of themselves as a master (myself included)? Except John - sorry didn't see you there.

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