Three Paradigms

Session Style: Guided exercises with reflection

Presenter: Keith Braithwaite, Zuhlke Engineering

Duration: 1 hour

Who Should Attend? Programmers

What will they need to know before the session, and what might they need to bring?

A Java development environment and some basic Java competence, or a willingness to pair with someone with the same. Only minimal knowledge very basic Java libraries will be required or assumed.

Session Outline:

A small piece of fairly representative "enterprise" class Java (you know the sort of thing) will be presented, along with functional tests. Attendees will execute three different refactorings upon it, each starting from the initial state:

A) eliminate all the conditional expressions in certain designated classes

B) eliminate all non-final variables (method parameters excepted) in certain designated classes

C) eliminate all the getters (definition: methods that return the value of a member variable, whatever else they might do) and setters (definition: methods that change the value of a member variable, whatever else they might do) in certain designated classes

Each should take about 15 minutes (or I will call a halt after 15 minutes, anyway). We will then contrast and compare the resulting state of the code. In particular, how easy would it seem to be to make a small functional change, which I will specify, in each final state vs each other and the initial state.

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Jason Gorman
Markus Gärtner
Tim Clark
Stuart Ervine
Adrian Sutcliffe
David Peterson

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